This plugin requires Radicale 2.0 or higher.

Once Radicale is installed on your server, you must tell Modoboa where it can find the file used to store rules.

Go to the Modoboa > Parameters > Radicale panel and fill the Radicale rights file path setting (an absolute path is required).

When the configuration is done, Modoboa will completly handles the file’s content. It means every manual modification you could made on this file would be overriden.

To do so, a new cron job must be created. You can use the following example:

*/2 * * * * <modoboa_site>/ generate_rights
# Or like this if you use a virtual environment:
# */2 * * * * <virtualenv path/bin/python> <modoboa_site>/ generate_rights


In some cases, the modifications you make on Modoboa may not be applied to the rights file. In order to force the generation, manually run the generate_rights command using the --force option.